Sunday, October 3, 2010

Free Birthday Drinks in Pullman

Free 21st Birthday Drinks in Pullman
  • Valhallas (free drink)
  • My Office (your second drink is free)
  • Rico's (free drink)
  • Stubblefields (free drink/shot)
  • The Coug (free beer)
  • Thai Ginger (free shot)

Go shawty, it's your 21st birthday, we gon' party like it's your birthday...Thanks to Palouse on the House's Facebook fans, we have found six Pullman bars that offer free drinks on your birthday! So for all you cool Pullman cats that don't have generous friends or are broke (like the rest of us), save a bunch of money by hitting up these bars and getting free drinks!

Please, be responsible and have a designated driver at all times. Please be careful at the amount of alcohol you intake, as there have been several incidents where individuals have died celebrating their 21st birthday from asphixation or alcohol-induced injuries, such as a recent case at the University of Idaho. Know your limits, space out your drinking, eat something, drink lots of water before/during/after use, and always have a designated driver!

Have a great time on your birthday, this time, for a little less moolah! Because in the Palouse, everything is on the house!


  1. One thing to look into is that I'm pretty sure the drinks are only free on your 21st, just something to point out :)

  2. At My Office its ur 2nd drink thats free.

  3. Thank you, we fixed both of those things!