Tuesday, October 19, 2010

WSU Undie Run

WSU Undie Run
Sunday, Nov. 7
11 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.
Starts near Greek Row (Colorado)

Taken from the Undie Run's Facebook event page:

We are excited to announce that we will be having our first Undie Run to help collect clothing for homeless and women's battered shelters! The only entry for the run is the clothes you are wearing! We are excited to join in on this tradition that has been held at so many other campuses across the nation such as ASU, Layola Marymont and UW to name a few!

Step 1: Tell everyone you know and don’t know about the Undie Run
Step 2: RSVP for the event
Step 3: Choose your undie attire
Step 4: Choose your outfit to be donated
Step 5: Make sure not to donate your cellphone, iPod, wallet, keys, etc.
Step 6: Show up in your to-be-donated outfit, and then strip to undies
Step 7: Donate your clothing at the donation station (to be donated to local homeless and battered shelters)
Step 8: Enjoy the experience of the Undie Run

PLEASE NOTE: this is a CHARITY event. The primary purpose is for you to COME FULL CLOTHED, then DONATE YOUR CLOTHES off of your back. Feel free to bring more than the clothes off your back (bags of clothes, boxes of clothes, trucks full of clothes).

FAQs :

Is there a place where I can smoke drugs and drink?
This event is “on campus,” drugs and alcohol are not allowed at the event.

Is wearing undies optional?
There is no nudity at this event, but you can get creative, as long as it is appropriate. You are not required to strip down to participate in this event either. Please no thongs also.

Can I donate more clothing than I can wear?
It is encouraged that you donate as much clothing as as you can.

I am a broke college student; how much does the Undie Run cost to attend?

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