Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SEB presents: Manhattan Short Film Festival

The Manhattan Short Film Festival
October 1st-3rd
CUB Auditorium
Fri/Sat 6pm & 9pm
Sunday 4pm

Be apart of something HUGE this weekend and go see the Manhattan Short Film Festival in the CUB auditorium. Over 200 cities across six continents are participating in the film festival -including Pullman! The festival is comprised of 10 finalists and their films to be shown for one week only. There only be five showings in Pullman and all of them are this weekend. The mission of the Manhattan Short Film Festival is to unite the world over all seven continents for one week via the most compelling short films.

All 10 finalist films will be featured in each showing and everyone attending will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite. Ballots will be handed out at the door and collected as people leave the auditorium. SEB staff will count the ballots and submit them to Manhattan short Film Festival.

Because the films are short films, there aren't any trailers or previews. You can read an interview and synopsis of each film on the Manhattan Short Film Festival website.

The winners will be announced October 3rd on the Manhattan Short Film Festival website and right here on Palouse On The House!

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