Sunday, September 5, 2010

Free Furniture & Navigating CL

Free furniture (using Craigslist)
Online resource

Hey all! If you are looking for free furniture, a free kitten, or a free bicycle, you can probably spot a listing on the Pullman/Moscow Criagslist. You can find a ton of free things that people are willingly giving up! Some past items successfully picked up because of Craigslist: a excellent-condition futon, a guitar pick, printer cartridge, and a coffee table.

Check out a listing and e-mail the owner, by clicking the long e-mail address that ends with, if you are interested in grabbing that from them. Establish a time/date that you can pick the items up. Then you want to establish where you're picking it up (usually free ads say: "wanter must pick it up," or "wanter must remove it out of my house"). Then BAM! You've got a new free object (or kitten)!

Some safety tips before you decide to pick up free stuff:
  • Meet in public areas
  • Meet in the afternoon or early evening
  • Bring a friend
  • Tell another friend where you are going
  • Bring a cell phone
  • If you feel uncomfortable, say an emergency came up and leave immediately
Happy hunting!

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