Thursday, September 2, 2010

SEB Movie: The Book of Eli

  SEB presents:
The Book of Eli
Sept. 3rd-5th
CUB Auditorium
Fri/Sat 6pm & 9pm
Sunday 4pm & 7pm

I saw this movie over the summer and it was pretty good. It's one of many in a slew of post-apocalyptic movies that have debuted recently, taking place during a nuclear summer. Eli (Denzel Washington) is on a mission to save the sacred book, while Carnegie (Gary Oldman) is out to use it for power. Parts of Eli's journey are slow and long, but the movie picks up after he runs into a town. Plenty of action to keep you interested and it ends well. Check out the trailer:

So grab a date or a group of friends and catch this week's FREE SEB movie!

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