Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Green Bike Program!

The new Green Bikes outside of the Rec Center.
BIXI bikes launched on the WSU campus today, introducing a new and easy way to check-out Green Bikes. All students need is their Cougar card and a bike can be theirs for 24 hours.

Running late to class after a workout? You can check out a bike from the Rec, peddle to the CUB, check-in the bike and make it to class on time. Wanna get out of the house? Get some friends, grab some bikes and hit the Pullman-Moscow trail.

The bikes have a built-in chain for locking it up, a safety bell, 7 speeds and a basket-thing on the front.  They seem to be pretty durable and sturdy, and have great movement -hopefully making for a smooth, easy ride around town. Note: they are a little on heavy side.

I went through the motions myself to see how easy it was to get a bike and sure enough it was pretty simple. Here are the steps:
  1. Swipe cougar card at kiosk (make sure the red magnetic strip is on top and facing right).
  2. Print or display the access code.
  3. Go to a bike and punch in the access code.
  4. When the light turns green, grab your bike!
The new system allows students to check-out a bike at the kiosk 5:30am-10p.m. most days. Kiosks can be found at the CUB (outside of the ground level doors by Martin Stadium) and at the Rec Center. Students will need a helmet and a bike lock, both of which can be checked-out for free at either location. Long term bikes are available for check-out at the Outdoor Rec Center.

You can return the bike to the CUB or Rec Center location anytime. Just be sure the green light comes back on before you walk away -you may need to give the bike a good push into place for the light to come on.

Green bikes are a great way to have some fun and of course they're FREE!

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